How to install PlayOn (and WMP11) on Windows Home Server


PlayOn is good piece of software but it also requires Windows Media Player 11 to install. This is a problem on Windows Home Server as I just discovered while reviewing a Moxi HD DVR review. However, it can be installed as one intrepid commenter pointed out.

Side note: See, this is what I’m ranting about. I get a Moxi HD DVR, but to use it properly, I need to follow a wiki entry step-by-step. I hate it.

I just wrapped up my installation of WMP11 and PlayOn on my Windows Home Server so I can confirm that this does indeed work. The installation isn’t hard either, but it’s also something that I wouldn’t have tried. Basically, you need to install the WMP11 components indivually and then restart the Windows service manually to get it going. Once WMP11 installed though, PlayOn loads like its suppose too.