@Geeknrolla: European startups need to move to the US

Inma Martinez at Stradbroke Advisors is one of the world’s leading digital media strategists, described by FORTUNE and TIME as one of Europe’s top talents in Human Factors and Social Engagement through technology.

Her advice for European startups: move to the US. The US market is where the ripple effect of the internet takes place. It can be hard, but you should still try, despite sticking out in your strange clothes and your funny accent – look at @loic (French founder of Seesmic), she says. “Ride it and own it”.

Inma’s advice to startups:

  • When they form a company, most people tend to form it with friends, but that’s the wrong approach – go out with the cool people for beers if you must, but we’re here to make money so bring the right people on board.
  • Don’t spend ages in R&D, creating bigger IP — get busy selling product!
  • Respect the suits. Startups need suits; they can fight the boardroom fights. Work with them, learn from them, and they’ll be there to fight your corner when you need them to, while you’re free to focus on your product.