Report: Apple consolidating AV cables for the next iPhone

ipodcablesIt could be a good time to pick some iPod AV cables as Apple has told retailers to start clearancing them out. Why you ask? Well, silly, ’cause there is a new iPhone coming! That’s why. We hear that the upcoming AV cables combine both composite, and component into one cable, which will allow for both SD and HDTV hook up without buying two sets of cables. Does this mean Apple has big plans for the AV capabilities of the next iPhone/iPod. Hell if I know.

Phone News seems to think the next iPod will output all sorts of HD resolutions and it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. What seems more likely though, (at least to me)  is that Apple will produce a dock thingie that will take advantage of the new software in 3.0 and closely replicate the functionality of an Apple TV. Meaning, once the iPod is docked, WiFi, 3G video streaming, and locally-stored videos are accessible via an Apple TV-type menu. Or maybe I’m way off base. Who knows.

Anyway, Apple AV cables. They are going on clearance. Maybe.