Killercopter UAV snipes you with onboard .338 precision rifle

Not terrifying at all! And of course, it’s flown with a modified Xbox 360 controller. How do they expect to get headshots with that? Mouse and keyboard, baby. But I digress. This robocalyptic aerial hunter-killer is 26ft long, goes 117mph, and can carry a payload of 150lb. That means it can carry a sniper rifle and a hugbot.

The Vigilante 502 is an Army project meant to maintain visibility in areas where enemies can quickly disappear into the hills or what have you. This sucker can keep up with them, though, and then of course put heat on them from a kilometer away.

That’s all well and good, but isn’t this really just the precursor to these automated helicopters from Ghost in the Shell? (Anime warning)

[via DVICE]