AT&T launches FamilyMap, let the spying begin

familymapSorry school-skipping teenagers and spouse-cheating losers, AT&T has launched FamilyMap, which will track a phone’s location either by GPS or cell-phone tower triangulation on a Microsoft Live Map. Other providers have offered similar services for a while, but now AT&T has gotten into the big brother spy game.

The service is free for the first 30 days and then $9.99 a month for two phones or $14.99 for up to five there afterwards. Each phone that is locatable will periodically receive a text message reminding them that big brother can keep tabs on the phone, but this message is random about once a month. Plus, a similar text message is sent when the service is activated limited the chance that a snooping parent or spouse can spy without the phone user’s knowledge. Also, this service can locate a stolen phone, however retrieving said phone from the baddie isn’t included with the monthly rate. Well then, let the over obsesive location tracking begin!