Thanko presents USB video necktie with built-in spy camera


Crunchgear’s favorite gadget maker, Tokyo-based Thanko, shines again. This time the USB specialists came up with a tie that’s not your normal tie [JP]. No, it’s a tie that’s equipped with a nearly invisible mini camera. And Thanko throws in a tiny remote control, too.

Needless to say, the gadget comes with a USB port (this is Thanko, after all). But you need Windows XP or Vista to be able to use it properly. Buyers get a camera with 4GB of internal memory, which is enough to store up to four hours of video (as an .avi file and in glorious 352 x 288 pixel resolution). Thanko claims that users can record video continuously for 7 to 30 minutes. The battery takes two hours to charge.


The price in Japan is $130. I expect Thanko to list the necktie in their English online store very soon. But buy the USB necktie cooler now for $39 if you can’t wait and you need to prepare yourself for the summer. I’m totally sure it’s worth it.