Wearable sleeping bag puts Snuggie to shame

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Consider this a Snuggie for a true outdoorsman. The Lippi Selk’bag is basically a sleeping bag/jumpsuit hybrid made out of material warm enough to withstand temperatures in the Andes. It comes in five different colors and ranges in price between $100 and $150.

According to the product description:

“Designed and tested in the Andes, the Selk’bag was named in honor of the lost Selk’nam natives of Chile who were known for their ferocity and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Second generation features include a durable nylon taffeta 210T/70D, soft-touch shell; hollow-fiber bonded polyester insulation (2x100g/sm); leg vents; reinforced nylon soles; YKK zippers throughout; reversible hand-zippers; hood w/ drawstring; double frontal-zipper w/ drawcord and extended right hip zipper; small, carry sack.”

The best part about it is that you’ll look pretty intimidating in one. That, or you can break dance, like this guy:


This product might explain a few accidental Sasquatch sightings as well.

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