Maybe: Kindle will have bigger screen by end of the year


We could be all be reading the latest Twilight book on a larger-screen Kindle by Christmastime. So says the Wall Street Journal, citing people who said they “saw a version of the device.” Exciting!

I don’t know if you’ll find too many people who refuse to buy a Kindle because the screen is too small; perhaps because it’s only black-and-white (not so great for photography and children’s books, off the top of my head), or because their favorite books aren’t available on Kindle (my reason). But good for Amazon for looking to continually improve.

As it were, a larger screen would be beneficial to on-screen advertising. (Text books typically are larger, page area-wise, than your average hardcover book, so there’s another benefit.) And who knows, maybe publishers will subsidize the price of Kindle books, which, in my opinion, should be a bit cheaper, if you sit there and view static image (or whatever) ad for one minute.

In any event, yes, it’s just a rumor, but hardly an unbelievable one.

At ease.