Commerce 360 Reinvents Itself As ClickEquations

ClickEquations (formerly Commerce 360), a paid-search management optimization business, has launched a comprehensive new software that gives ad agencies and publishers the tools to manage their search campaigns.

The platform is pretty nifty. Users can open an editing tray at the bottom of the screen and make the desired changes to their Google, Yahoo, or MSN search accounts with the click of a button. The software allows users to add or remove search keywords easily and create search query reports by individual keyword to target ROI maximization.

ClickEquations also provides users to control bid automation. Proprietary algorithms help users to establish bid-to-position, target ROAS, or ROI maximization – and then use defined options and parameters define the rules they want applied at the ad group or keyword level. The software also has plug-ins to allow users to create excel spreadsheets, charts and graphs around all the data provided in its platform, which can be especially useful in generating reports for clients.

One of the company’s most prominent competitors in thes search engine marketing space is Kenshoo. Like ClickEquations, Kenshoo is able to find relevant keywords across different search engines. But Kenshoo automatically changes campaign specifics to maximize returns, which is a service that is useful to ad agencies.

As we’ve said in the past, marketers should be more focused on building or maintaining higher levels of website traffic, considering the state of the economy. ClickEquations is smart in helping agencies to do this efficiently. eMarketer said recently that search marketing is the best customer acquisition tool in the online space.