Toshiba Japan rolls out new LED backlit Regza LCD TVs


Toshiba announced a total of 10 new full HD Regza LCD TVs in Japan yesterday [JP]. The company just recently said it decided to step up production of LCD TVs. It’s new LCD TVs are marketed as the “Z series”, the ZX8000, ZH8000 and Z8000. They will be sold in Japan starting April 25 through July this year.

The two models of the ZX800 (SV670 in the USA) series, available as 46- and 55-inchers are by far the most interesting ones. They use a direct white LED backlight control system that’s based on a self-developed LSI and leads to a spectacularly high dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Toshiba also throws in a Full HD Clear Panel, ClearScan 240Hz motion and USB/HDD LAN video recording. The 46-inch model costs $5,000, while the 55-incher will set you back $6,000.

The ZH8000 is less impressive, but it also comes with the Full HD Clear Panel and features a built-in 300GB HDD. Both the 47-inch model ($4,000) and the 55-inch model ($5,000) also allow for USB/HDD LAN video recording.

The Z8000 is available in three versions: 37 inches ($2,700), 42 inches ($3,200) and 47 inches ($3,700). All models come with a Full HD Clear Panel and USB/HDD LAN video recording.

It’s unclear at this point when these new Regzas will become available outside Japan.