Weird PC mouse displays LED messages, cools off through built-in fan


Offered by a Japanese company, slightly over-engineered, USB connection and senseless but kind of cool. What sounds like the typical Thanko product, is offered by another company in Nippon: A computer mouse that can not only display LED messages but is also able to cool itself via a built-in mini fan. A company  called esupply [JP], which I will keep an eye on from now on, is offering it on the Japanese market.

Users can input a short “message” (the maximum is 10 characters though), which will be then shown on a mini LED display. And the fan inside the mouse will make sure you will never be in danger of getting a heat stroke from it. The mouse even comes with a tiny remote control that helps you input the text.

esupply is selling this incredible piece of hardware for $19 in Japan. You might be able to import it by contacting Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya.

Watch the mouse in action below. It’s just beautiful.

Via Akihabara News