Live Blog: GM's revolutionary event that we already know about


Well, I’m at the IAC building on the West Side of Manhattan, but GM already announced Project PUMA and I feel stupid for having trekked all this way for it.

10:17 AM – And here we go.

10:20 AM – GM and Segway have been working on PUMA for the last 18 months.
10:21 AM – Battery operated, capable of going 35MPH up to 35 miles on a single charge.
10:27 AM – The CEO of GM just mentioned Facebook and social networking. PUMA can detect if pedestrians are too close and stops so you don’t hit them!
10:31 AM – And we’re out. Here are some concepts for PUMA.
11:27 AM – We’ll be going for a test drive in a few minutes. Check back later for video of me riding in one of these badboys.