Birth of a meme: Goldeneye Dance

Mark my words, friends: this is this summer’s meme. We’ll be watching these videos for a few months then in about August, Beyonce will come out with a video featuring her and three dancers flailing around wildly to a Flamenco beat.

So what’s going on here? The video game Goldeneye has a weird glitch that causes the characters to dance around if you jostle the cartridge. The resulting hilarity, shown above, spawned a new meme in Japan which has caused hundreds of people to recreate the glitch in odd costumes. A compilation appears here:

The music is from Kohmi Hirose and presumably all you have to do is film yourself and speed it up, so there’s a good chance we can continue this meme in the decadent West with a little gumption.

I leave the creation of one of these videos as an exercise for the reader.