Let's all quit our jobs and become iPhone App developers!


If you and a friend could stitch together an iPhone application, one that brings in thousands of dollars of revenue per month, would you quit your job? (/me Raises hand, and I’d leave the country—hello, endless summer!) That exact scenario occasionally happens, truth be told, as the Times points out today. Spend s few months coding an App, then you’re on Easy Street thereafter.

Consider the examples. A 30-year-old Sun employee falls on hard times, then creates iShoot [iTunes link], an iPhone game that eventually brings in so much money—first day sales: $1,000—that he can comfortably leave Sun. Or the 25-year-old who, together with some friends, created iSteam [iTunes link], an application that simulates the effect of a foggy mirror. In video game terms, your bank account has grown by $100,000—do you want to upgrade your car?

The point is, there are people out there who are making a very comfortable living by coding iPhone Apps. Of course, for every iSteam there’s going to be innumerable knock-offs, Apps that languish in the App Store obscurity. But don’t let that get you down!

Which brings us to our first question—if you created a gnarly iPhone App, would you quit your job? Would you try to turn your luck into a business by founding Really Cool Apps, Inc.? Not me—I’d cash out with my first successful App then peace out to Brazil, where I’d live a comfortable life. Not even a life of excess—just a normal life somewhere where the sun is always shining. Dare to dream, friends.