Sony giving away Qore Episode 11 for free, other PlayStation Network goodies

It might technically be Spring, but you wouldn’t know it if you’re in NYC or Seattle today. If you’re not a regular subscriber of the PlayStation Network series Qore then you’ll get a chance to see what all the hype is about tomorrow when episode 11 will be free for all.

In it, Miss Veronica Belmont explores Titan Studios, the makers of Fat Princess, and explores the music behind Sucker Punch’s infamous, which was scored by Amon Tobin, James Dooley, Mel Wesson and Martin Tillman. There’s a whole host of other topics, but I don’t want to give it all away.

And everyone who downloads Qore will get a free Fat Princess PS3 theme and existing subscribers will get exclusive DLC, like, early access to the Red Faction: Guerilla demo and Linger in Shadows.

I’ve personally never watched the show, but I’ll download it tomorrow for FREE.