Excelsior! iPhone 3.0 allows for 180 apps across 11 home screen pages

p-480-320-cbd3d8c3-aec5-4612-b4ef-999779d789a8 If you’ve wanted to buy an iPhone but you’ve said to yourself, “I can only fit 148 application icons across nine home screen pages, which isn’t NEARLY enough for me,” then prepare to reconsider your purchase once the iPhone 3.0 software update hits.

According to a screengrab over on The Loop Blog, you’ll soon be able to fit 180 icons across 11 home screen pages (see the 11 dots in the image to the left).

If this is an April Fools’ Day joke, let me be the first in line to say, “Quit playing games with my heart. It’s not fair.” I have exactly 157 apps that I use all… the… time and to tease me with this wonderment of increased functionality is cruel at best, evil at worst.

In all seriousness, this is far too dumb to be a joke. Who has (and uses regularly) more than 148 apps?

[via MacRumors]