AT&T offering discounted netbooks with Internet/data service

picture-1As if we didn’t already know that this was going to happen.

AT&T is now offering folks in Philadelphia and Atlanta discounted netbooks/laptops if they sign up for an AT&T Internet at Home and On the Go plan that includes AT&T DataConnect and AT&T Fast Access DSL. Rates start at $59.95 and the hardware includes the Acer Aspire One, Dill Inspiron Mini 9, Mini 12 and the LG Xenia, which start at $50 and go on up to $250.

AT&T does not offer home DSL service in Philadelphia, so Philadelphians along with Atlantites (?) have the option of signing up for the DataConnect plan (2-year) and forking over $40/month for 200MB or $60/month for 5GB with laptop prices starting at $100 and topping out at $350.

If you’re not keen on a netbook then grab a Lenovo X200 for $750 with the whole package or $850 with just the DataConnect plan.

Citizens of Atlanta also get the following.

# Trial 30-minute in-store technical support — part of the AT&T ConnecTech suite of services — at select locations for customers who purchase qualifying data plans.

# Pre-install AT&T Communication Manager on mini laptops, enabling customers the ability to manage their mobile and Wi-Fi connections.