Nokia E71 causes Lenovo S10 to reboot?

Jason Hui’s Lenovo S10 reboots every time he puts his Nokia E71 anywhere close to the keyboard. It’s really a sight to behold and, according to Hui, is likely caused by “the Lenovo S10’s poor EMF shielding, the Nokia E71’s (high)er SAR, and the fringe zone” cell coverage area where he lives.

As Hui puts it, “I’d hate to lose all my work when some stray signal reboots my machine.” If any of you have an S10, can you see if your own cell phone causes it to reboot? Just wave it over the keyboard while the computer’s turned on. Don’t worry about saving any of your open documents first – come on, it’ll be fun!

Let’s keep in mind that this could very well be some sort of prank — no offense to Jason — because if and when this story picks up steam, April Fool’s Day will be upon us.

Cell Phone Causes Lenovo S10 to Reboot []