Netflix raising Blu-ray prices, again

netflix_logo_onecolorTo all 1 million or so Netflix subscribers who’ve opted for Blu-ray discs, you’re in for another price hike in the coming weeks. What started as a $1 surcharge last September will eventually amount to an increase that’s triple or quadruple what you’re paying now for your online DVD rental service. Before steam starts blowing out of your ears let’s see what that increase actually amounts to.

Those with the 2-DVD at a time package will have to fork over an additional $3 on top of the $14 you already pay. And those with the 3-DVD at a time plan will by paying $21 as opposed to $17. The price hikes are due to increased demand for HD content even though only about 10 percent of Netflix’s 10 million-subscriber base opt for Blu-ray.

Look for the price increase to take effect on April 27. If you’re still on the DVD-only plans then you will not see an increase in your monthly subscription.

via AP