Video: Tongue Music is not what you think
Tongue Music from Hye Yeon Nam on Vimeo.

This odd controller lets you make music with your tongue. I can’t quite figure out how it works – it appears that the tongue can be sensed inside and outside of the mouth and Make ponders why the music isn’t “jerky,” which could be a comment on their own technique. However, this could be a great way for the handicapped to make beautiful music and video displays with limited mobility.

The Tongue Music system is an experimental instrument using the tongue, rather than the hand, to generate sounds. There is one person performing in front of projector, which displays an abstract video image consisting of hundreds of dots. The performer controls the mouse with his tongue to simultaneously manipulate the video images (the color and size of dots are changed along with music), the piano sound, as well as the presence or absence of a beat.