Contest: Free Little People Playsets for Poppets

Happy Birthday, Little People! Today is the 50th birthday of Fisher-Price’s Little People and we’re giving away five free wee people to five lucky commenters. Read on to learn how you and your loved ones can enjoy free Little People. We’ll run the contest until Monday at noon.

Drop a comment below describing your fondest childhood toy memory. Was it a paper box? A toy gatling gun? A giant panda your dad poached from China? I specifically recall getting my Laser Tag gear – actually I think it was a Phazer set, a knock-off. Sadly, I only had one set so I could only play with myself. Interestingly enough that’s basically my life story right there.

I’ll pick 5 commenters at random when I stop crying.

UPDATE – Congrats to:
Jt Chiodi
Michaela Conley

Thanks, winners!