DIY Megaman koozies turn cans into ‘E’ tanks


What’s your “E” in the morning? Is it liquid? Powder? Just high on life?

If it’s liquid and it comes in a can, maybe you’d be doing everyone (including yourself) a favor by knitting up some Megaman E-tank koozies. You’ll help yourself by keeping your hands warm and dry while your favorite bevarine stays cold and you’ll help those around you by showing them that you’re enjoying an energy-enhancing drink. “Hey, I’m having some me time right now but I’ll be all charged up and with you in a moment. Thanks for understanding.”

There aren’t any design plans for actually making the koozies, but it appears that you’ll need black yarn, light blue yarn, and you’ll have to know how to knit the letter E. Seems pretty straightforward – except for the whole knitting thing.

Homemade E-tanks [ via ALBOTAS]