Venezuela shows off their $14 phone


Last week, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez spilled the beans on the country’s plans to offer a $14 cell phone they’d call El Vergatario. Curiously absent at the time were any shots of the handset itself. Two things have since changed:

  • Commenters have decided the name either means something along the lines of “Awesome!”, or something along the lines of, well, man bits. We’ll go ahead and assume its the first one.
  • They’ve shown the thing.

It’s not going to win any beauty contests – but at $14, no one’s expecting it to. Coming out of the box with MP3 playback, FM radio, and a camera, it seems like a pretty solid deal for just under a Hamilton and a half. Venezuelans can expect to see these everywhere come May 11th.

[Via EngadgetMobile]