KLM and Air France begin rolling out electronic boarding pass service in Europe

KLM and Air France announced yesterday that they’ve begun rolling out an electronic boarding pass service throughout Europe. A six-month beta test occurred on the Paris-Amsterdam-Paris route and it was launched a month ago on the ‘La Navette’ flights. It’s currently available on flights from Paris to Amsterdam and other European destinations except the UK.

Of the three airports surrounding the NYC metro area, I’ve only been able to use my BlackBerry as an electronic boarding pass at Newark Airport. I typically fly on Continental or Virgin America and the former is the only one that uses the electronic boarding pass service at the moment and it’s mighty handy when you’re running late or get stuck in traffic. If it weren’t for this service my brother and I would have missed a flight to Miami last year had we been forced to go to the ticket counter.

So far, American Airlines, Delta and Continental use the service, but on a limited basis.

Press release via Unwired