Custom Master Chief-to-Warthog transformer


Hoo boy, here’s a robot in disguise. Also, it’s more than meets the eye. It’s a custom-built Master Chief action figure that transforms into a Warthog. The item is up for bid on eBay and will probably reach astronomical levels. It should, though, because it’s pretty cool.

Here’s the description:

“Up for auction is a custom built Transformer of Master Chief from the Halo series of games.  A quick transformation turns him from the iconic Spartan soldier into a battle ready Warthog LRV .  Stands 5 1/4″ tall when transformed and comes with a variety of weapons including a Sniper Rifle, Spike Grenade, and Warthog turret.  Built from a McFarlane Master Chief figure, an Actionclix Wartog and an Autobot Hound transformer, many hours of work have been put into this to make it a faithfull representation of both the vehicle and the character.  I’ve had fun building this, and hope you enjoy it as well.”

I bet that took a while, indeed. Very cool – nice work, whoever you are. Bidding is currently at under $100, but there’s still over a week left in the auction. It’ll be interesting to see how much this thing ends up selling for.

Custom Halo Transformer Warthog to Master Chief [eBay via Geekologie]