Ocean 2 gets pictured in black


All throughout the Ocean 2’s development cycle, pictures of it kept popping up in a silver and black motif. When it actually launched, however, everything silver had been turned red. The color change made sense, with the Helio-brand now under the parental guidance of Virgin Mobile (who’s primary color is red) – but it was one of the things we didn’t like. We said in our review that we hoped a black version would follow, as various hearsay had lead us to believe.

Looks like it is indeed. This render of the Ocean 2 decked out with a black bezel was hiding in a Helio page intended for Korean-American customers, and it appears it might even be for sale already for that market. It might mean a trip to a Korea-town dealer or calling up a Helio CS rep and asking real nicely, but if you’re waiting for a slightly less vibrant Ocean 2, you might be able to get one now.

[Thanks David!]