BES 5.0 bringing Email Flagging, remote Windows file access, more


Photo via AppScout

Don’t the words “BlackBerry Enterprise Server update” just send a shiver of excitement down your spin? They do? Really? You’re kind of weird. Whether you’re awkwardly excited about BES 5.0 or not, it’s on its way – and RIM has dropped some details on whats in store for you, the end-user.

  • Firewall-friendly file access to Windows shares, allowing for remote viewing/editing
  • Attachment support in meetings and calendars
  • E-mail folder management, with all changes reflecting back to the desktop
  • Inbox filter creation, which will also reflect back to the desktop
  • Flagged email support, allowing you to procrastinate highlight emails for later response

Sure – it might not seem too riveting for the general consumer, but these are the little things that keep the enterprise users coming back for more of that sweet BlackBerry nectar.

[Via AppScout and Phonescoop]