Upcoming Sprint handset launch windows leaked, Treo Pro now aiming for March 15th


If yesterday’s news that the Treo Pro’s launch date had slipped from February 15th to “TBD”, this latest bit of hearsay probably won’t help: “TBD” apparently means a full month later, with Sprint now hoping to get the Treo Pro onto the shelves by March 15th. Worse yet, that’s not even set in stone – it’s just Sprint’s hopeful launch target.

That’s the latest update to come from BGR‘s whisperers, at least – and they brought some more details, too:

  • LG Rumor 2: To be available in black and blue, also launching around mid-March
  • LG LX370: Mid-range slider phone dropping in April/May – nothing too exciting here.
  • Samsung Instinct Mini: Smaller, slimmer, EVDO Rev-0 version of the Instinct for folks who don’t need the full package. Sprint and Samsung dropped a pretty chunk of change into marketing the Instinct, so it’s no surprise they’re looking to expand the family.
  • HTC Cedar: It’s the QWERTY candybar we saw back in January! (We’ve lugged the picture over for your convenience, check it out after the jump.) Look for it to drop around June.