e-mail blast is a shoo-in for ‘Most School Spirit’ award


I open my “Weekly EggXclusives” e-mail and what do I see?

yell Look at this guy! He’s going ape-shit for deals! What a rush! Good thing he’s ordering online because that’d cause quite a ruckus in a retail store. I wonder what he just bought. Maybe he didn’t buy anything and he’s just excited by deals.

“Yeaaaaah! Panasonic Men’s Travel Shaver for $11.99 with free shipping!!! Hell yeah! I’m gonna take it on my next trip!! Whooooo!!!”

Whatever the case, I salute you, Man in the Newegg e-mail blast. Your enthusiasm is (hopefully the only thing that’s) infectious.

Weekly EggXclusives- $11.99 Panasonic Shaver []