Toshiba TG01 fondled on video

The fact that the Toshiba TG01 even exists is still as fresh as can be in our minds, but folks lucky enough to be over in the UK for the announcement have already gotten a chance to get some lens time with it.

Amongst those returning with footage is MobileComputer, who brought back a glorious nine minutes of footage for all to see.

What we can glean from the video:

  • Toshiba’s is calling their custom Windows Mobile UI “Strike”
  • No dedicated headset jack – it’ll be done over the microUSB port. The adapter dongle will be included.
  • Getting from a powered off state to the Windows Mobile homescreen takes about 55 seconds on this build of the device.
  • Some of the touchscreen elements don’t seem very finger friendly.
  • We knew it was 9mm thick thin, but the video really puts the slimness of the device into perspective. Seriously, check out how thin things get around the 4 minute mark.
  • The battery is user replaceable.