G1 update RC33 brings new features, bug fixes, lacks frosting

Well, we’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. I’ve always been the type to just tear the band-aid off, so we’ll go with the bad news first. The bad news: It’s not cupcake. The good news: an update has just been pushed to the G1! Crap. It doesn’t make sense in that order, does it? I’m horrible at this.

While it may not be the deliciously frosted on-screen keyboard-toting update that everyone is clamoring for, it doesn’t come empty handed. According to our buddy over at TmoNews, it’ll bring a couple of new features and mend some issues as it rolls out to G1s over the next 2 weeks.

The New Features:

  • “Check for upgrades” option added, meaning the anxious no longer have to decide between hacking the patch on manually or waiting two weeks for it to roll out.
  • Voice Search – similar to the Voice Search functionality found in the iPhone App. Just push a button, speak, and Google will transcribe it and push it through to a search.
  • Save MMS images to external memory

The Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue with Comcast email support
  • Fixes an issue where the messaging application would crash upon sending a message or exiting
  • Fixes an issue where changing WiFi settings would disconnect IM sessions
  • Fixes an issue where appointment reminders were not initiating
  • Fixes an issue where a small batch of G1s would hang at startup