"Phantom" laptop has Intel Core i7 inside

Eurocom, a computer maker I haven’t heard of but is obviously bucking for more attention, has decided they can’t wait for late 2009 when Intel is planning on bringing their Nehalem-based processors to a laptop-friendly format. Instead, Eurocom just letting the desktop versions come as they are, and building the D900F Phantom i7 around that.

Never mind that the Core i7 will probably melt a hole through the case and render you unable to have children — this is power for power’s sake. It’ll have a Core i7 processor on an X58 chipset, with 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA G280 GPU. It’ll have room for three 2.5″ HDDs and will come with a Blu-ray burner. Well! That certainly outclasses my brand new MacBook Pro, and even more so my aging desktop.

Nobody knows what it looks like, but naturally it’s 17″ and probably at least a full 2″ thick. Otherwise that thing will overheat before you see the boot screen.

Should be available in May. But who will buy this? Croesus? Midas? Jack Bauer?