Senate passes another DTV Transition extension bill

schoolhouserockbill2It’s Take Two on the bill the DTV Transition bill that would postpone the analog switch-off until June 12. The House of Representatives shot down the first one after a unanimous Senate vote, but this this revised bill might make it to Obama’s desk.

The Senate adjusted some wording within the bill that pertains to the budget and first responders. It still has the provision that allows broadcasters to decide when is the right time for them to switch off their analog signals. Just like the first bill, this one also passed unanimously and is headed down the hallway to the the House where they could vote on it as soon as Wednesday, February 4, 2009 if it passes the House Rules Committee in a timely manner.

It seems that with these changes, the bill might receive the 2/3 vote needed which would effectively extended the switch-off to June 12, 2009 and confusing millions of Americans. What a shame. (and a sham)