A twee cuckoo clock watch

clock-watch-cool-thumb-440x198-73918This isn’t a real product but wouldn’t it be great if it were? I’d be able to hear a delightful cuckoo sound emanating from my girlish wrists, every hour spent along staring at my computer screen noted and categorized by that infernal bird, a raven to my mad-eyed wastage on the Internet, a reminder that I am soon to be gone, soon to be dust and dirt and worm food and each tick of this jolly pastel clock will offer only the sweet solace in the thought that soon, this too will pass, death will roll his jaundiced hand over my eyes and close them forever and all I will hear as I pass into the ether is the infernal cuckoo, that maddening Tyrolean bird that wishes us nothing but ill, it’s burning red eye watching us gravely as we sleep.

No pricing yet – it’s more of a design concept right now. Here’s hoping!