Should we expect a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer in five days?


Go ahead and visit right now. A five-day countdown will greet you, promising a “new vision,” which several folks have interpreted to mean a new trailer. (“New vision = new trailer.”) There’s even some good old fashioned evidence to support this assumption.

Looking through the site’s bowels (an ugly word, I know), a forum-goer, byoushinn, on an unofficial Final Fantasy XIII message board discovered references to two files, “ff13-trailer-sd.flv” and “ff13-trailer-hd.flv.” When the countdown ends in five days, presumably we’ll all be watching said trailer, in either standard-definition or high-definition. The question becomes what, exactly, is this trailer: a new one, or the same one we’ve been watching over and over again?

I type this as I have Final Fantasy V plugged into my GameBoy Micro, sitting on my desk waiting for the “workday” to end. Yay me!

via Kotaku