Spirit Airlines attempts to collect cancellation fees from Flight 1549 passengers


Note to self: Do not fly on Spirit Airlines. It seems that the airline is only concerned with charging fees and enforcing them blindly. Case in point is the tale of two passengers that were trying to fly to Myrtle Beach but Spirit Airlines canceled the flight. So, being the friendly company it is, the airline booked the two on Flight 1549. Now, the airline is attempting to collect fees ’cause the couple never used their return flight from Mytle Beach. If I had to guess, I would imagine that’s cause they were white water rafting the Hudson River instead.

Spirit Airlines has a $90 cancellation fee. Since the two do not plan on making the return trip cause of their inprompto New York va-ca, a company represenative insisted on charging them the fee.

Rob Kolodjay said his conversation was blunt, “We survived this air crash and I need your credit card number, he said ‘and our policy is we’re going to charge you $90.””

Who knows how this will turn out, but any company rep that doesn’t analyze the situation rather than quoting company policy shows how the company is ran. Apparently, Spirit Airlines trains their reps to be simple tools and serves them tasty kool-aid out of the water coolers. 

Fox 61 via Consumerist