Windows 7 Tips and Tricks


For those of you who have installed Windows 7 Beta, here are some tricks and tricks from

  • In the case that something happens to your system, you can make yourself a system repair disc. Just search “system repair disc” in the start menu.
  • You can get quicklaunch back by following these steps:
  1. right-click the taskbar and Toolbars and then select New Toolbar
  2. in the folder selection box that appears enter “%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch” without the quotation marks of course.
  3. turn off “lock the taskbar” and right-click the divider. Make sure “show text” and “show title” are both disabled and that view is set to “small icons”
  4. you can then rearrange the toolbar the way you like it and then lock it again.
  • Mail and a few other features are missing on 7. You can get them back by downloading Windows Live Essentials to get Live Photo Gallery, Mail, Messenger, Movie Maker, and other features from here.
  • If you have a disk image such as an .iso that you want to burn, just double click it and a burning tool should appear.
  • If you like using ctrl+alt+del but want only the task manager to pop up, try ctrl+shift+esc. This should also work for Vista also.