SlideSix: A Guerrilla Presentation Sharing System

At last night’s meet-up I met a guy named Todd Sharp who created, a presentation sharing system that supports PowerPoint/PowerPoint 2007, PDF, OpenOffice, and MOV files. It supports uploading and embedding of slides in any web page. It’s not much to look at right now, but I works correctly and it’s a testament to what one man with a dream can accomplish in this dirty, harsh world.

Todd built the service from the ground up and it works using a Flash-based interface with plenty of additional features including on-the-fly video and audio recording. The system also allows for the creation of a “branded” presentation experience where all of your presentations are presented as a cohesive whole. Yeah, I didn’t get that part either.

What’s really important is that Todd is basically creating this in a vacuum in Medina, Ohio and it just goes to show you that good programmers and ideas aren’t just coming from the confines of some programmer cage in the Valley. Good on ya, Todd.

Note: Please think before you troll. Todd is the very definition of a start-up: an enthusiastic business-owner who made something from scratch.