Cameraphones and magnets and lenses! Oh, my!

Got yourself a shiny new iPhone or (matte) G1? Wish it had a better camera lens? Like magnets and DIY? Well then you are in luck, my friend! USBfever is selling magnetic, detachable lenses for both of these devices (as well as any gadget with a crappy camera in need of some third-party lens lovin’).

Available in wide angle and telephoto (2x zoom) for $16.99 each, and fish-eye for $19.99, these lenses affix to devices via magnets.  Unlike the majority of other third-party lens solutions which tend to add a lot of bulk (and awkwardness), once the magnetic lens is detached, all that remains is the slim metal/magnetic ring that you’ve previously adhered to your device.

Any proud owners out there? Hit us up in the comments and let us know how well these things work in meatspace.

[via OhGizmo!]