5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas Contest: Day 1

See that pile of junk? There’s more where that came from. I want to give it to you. Why? Because I like you. How can you win it? I’m going to invent some devious contests over the next five days and give away something new and cool to the winner(s) each day.

Where is all this stuff coming from? I just redid my upstairs office and found a ton of junk lying around cluttering things up. Although basically don’t keep this stuff and have to send it back, sometimes things fall through the cracks and I want my problems with gadget storage to be your gain.

Today’s contest will be pretty easy, but oh the prizes you can win. Oh the prizes.

Today is headset day and we have three real doozys.

Iogear GBE211 wireless headset

Blue Ant Z9i

Motorola ROKRS9 sports bluetooth stereo headphones

To enter, simply describe how you will ensure that you won’t look like a dork while wearing these Bluetooth devices. Perhaps you could wear a hat with ear flaps? Beadazzle them? Paint them with nail polish?

Remember to add your email in the comment – not in the actual text but in the email field – and be sure to tell us which headset you want. We’ll pick three winners at random. Good luck and stay tuned for more excitement!