Something nasty in Apple's lappy juice?

Just bought a shiny new MacBook? Ready to slap a 3rd party memory upgrade in it? Not so fast, sunshine.

Turns out that some of the users on the Apple Support Discussion forums are finding out that the approved 3rd party memory upgrades are causing instability and lock-ups. Reports seem to indicate that only Apple brand RAM is working properly. Which is fine, if you are drinking the cider and don’t mind paying the premium for the Apple logo (as much as double the street price for DIMMs).

Of course, at the moment you can’t even buy the official Apple memory since they are out of stock.

So the best thing to do at this point is to sit and wait, or keep swapping out RAM until you find a set that will work (not dangerous at all). Either way, probably not the user experience Apple wants you to be having. Or is it?

[via jkOnTheRun]