Smibs Enters Public Beta

Smibs Inc, the Candian startup behind SmibsNet has launched the service to the public. The site offers a set of tools that resemble LinkedIn, but are supposed to be more focused on project and task management than personal connections and resumes. The public beta will also open the network’s directory up to users who are not members of Smibs, allowing them to search for members involved in specified professions (much as they would on LinkedIn).

Besides SmibsNet (which is the social networking side of the site), Smibs will be releasing applications running on its platform. Currently available is Doorbell, an app similar to Highrise that is designed to be a sales application for workers who aren’t typically involved in sales (it essentially allows smaller businesses to complete sales-oriented tasks without a dedicated staff). The service was originally annouced in June, and released a small private beta in October.

CEO Peter Urban has also given us a document that he has forwarded to a number of major VCs in an attempt to entice them to use the service (you can see it below). Judging from the responses (one VC replied “I apologize for being dense, but what is that you want?”), it is probably wise not to mimic this strategy if you’re looking for funding (Smibs isn’t).