Blockbuster OnDemand coming to Blu-ray players (PS3?), too

Blockbuster went official with plans for a set-top streaming box last week and now the company CEO is stating that the same capability will soon be available in Blu-ray players as well. Allegedly this option will be available in the first quarter of 2009 but what player is going to have the option? The Playstation 3 perhaps?

Chances are the official announcement will come at CES ’09 and will include Sony. Take a look at the whole situation and it only makes sense. Sony and Blockbuster have a history together with the rental company pushing Blu-ray forward before the format war was done. Plus, the PS3 needs something to compete with the Xbox 360’s Netflix streaming.

The CEO did state that game consoles are in the plans and with the Netflix currently on the Xbox 360, that leaves the PS3. 

Randy Hargrove, Blockbuster corporate PR: That’s not to say that this set-top box will be our only entry, right Jim?

Keyes: Right, we will have other offerings expanded from this capability. We’ll be able to put the same capability into a Blu-ray player. We’ll go into DVRs (digital video recorders), game consoles, etc., just as others are doing to make the same capability available through other devices.

Netflix has LG, Samsung, TiVo, and Microsoft all pimping its service and so Blockbuster needs Sony as much as Sony needs Blockbuster. (follow me?) Blockbuster needs an established presence within the consumer market to have instant penetration which the PS3 could provide via a firmware update. Plus, Sony could use the much needed content to compete with the Xbox 360 in the home media category.

So to all the nay-sayers stating that Blockbuster got into the game too later, sit down and watch this unfold; it might be a great show.