Google updates Street View – let the games begin anew!

Google has rolled out an update to Google Maps, and has expanded Street View to include many new locations including my home town of Seattle! That makes it exciting to me, and obviously it’s exciting for everyone else on the internet because now there are miles and miles of new streets to investigate for hilarity, strange occurrences, and of course yourself. I’ve already scoured half of my routine locations looking for that familiar face, but no dice.

The new interface works okay; you drop “Peg-man” wherever you want to be and it puts you directly into street view. You can drag him and it provides a preview and droppable areas. Problem is, if you scroll away in the little corner map, there’s no way to grab Peg-man again; you have to scroll back and pick him up or expand the map again. I expect we’ll be seeing a few tweaks in the coming weeks.

Oops, Seattle was added a couple weeks ago. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s new to you!