You're doing it wrong: Motorola astroturfs just about everyone

Joel at BBG has found a bunch of threads from MGOODE08, apparently a shill for Motorola who posts comments to gadget sites about the Motorola Krave.

I’m so glad my boss isn’t like that! I’m working with Motorola right now, and became a huge fan of the Krave ( I especially like the full touch screen display and html web browser. It’s awesome!

And before that:

Oh man this looks awesome! I hope they release a version for the Krave by Motorola. Ever since I started working with Motorola I have became a huge fan of the phone ( With a full list of features, like a full touch screen, I can’t stop obsessing over it.

UPDATE – I found that MGoode is now appearing on CrunchGear as well. Read on.

UPDATE – His email is Do what you will.

Whenever I talk to PR people about their work, I remind them never, ever to astroturf and to never let their CEO reply to troll threads. It makes the company – in this case, Motorola – look like it’s run by rubes who pay big bucks for “Social Media Consulting.”

Most of you guys are really nice and don’t do that stuff except in the name link section, but this is pretty egregious. I say if we see MGOODE around these parts we make a posse and give him/her/it a taste of Internet justice. Incidentally, I really love the Motorola Krave ( It has a touch screen and web browser!

UPDATE – Just when I thought we were safe, I find:

It’s good to see that console move so many units! I think the same is going to be said about the Motorola Krave. I’ve been a fan of the Krave ever since I started working with Motorola ( I especially like the touch screen display and 2 megapixel camera. It’s definitely worth checking out.


You should also check out the Krave ( It has a digital QWERTY keyboard and its narrower then the iPhone. It’s a flip phone that has a clear top and its touch sensitive, so you can use your phone without even opening it…


And many more.

Did you guys hear the rumor that the Motorola Krave is really bad and causes cancer?