"DynaCube 3D" makes it possible to view natural-looking 3D images by the naked eye

Shots made using the Dynacube3D method (viewed from the left, front and right)

A group of Japanese researchers from Dai Nippon Printing and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology developed a printing technology that supposedly makes it possible to view high-quality 3D images by the naked eye.

The new printing technique makes it possible that perceived images are changing when the person who looks at them moves his or her viewpoint while existing methods produce images that don’t change smoothly. The researchers says this is the result of images viewed from different angles are printed separately. However, Dynacube3D involves converting images from up to 80 viewpoints into a single image and printing it by using the halftone printing technique with fine dots. As a result, high quality 3D images are produced.

It’s already possible to buy prints of still objects (if you live in Japan), with sizes ranging from 420 x 297mm to 550 x 450mm. 100 prints of the latter site cost at least $5,000, while production cost is $10,000 or more.

Via Tech-On