Space: Astronaut loses grip on tools, finds out it’s even worse than dropping your keys in a lake


I can just imagine Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper’s space helmet fogging up as she yelled “Nooo!!!!” while watching her bag of tools slowly but eternally float away from her. It wasn’t all her fault, though, as a grease gun apparently burst inside the tool bag while she was making repairs on the International Space Station.

All of the greased-up tools must have been too much for her to corral and she lost her handle on the bag itself. The tools will be monitored for a while to make sure they don’t cause any damage to the ISS but once they’re far enough away that they won’t pose a threat, they’ll endlessly hurtle through space with a 14-inch putty knife, a bolt, a spring, and a washer, all accidentally lost on previous repair missions.