Limited-edition netbook is just like every other netbook except that there are only 30 of them


Here’s a netbook. It’s called the Prime Note Cartina UM and only 30 of them will be available in all of Japan. What’s so special about this netbook? Well, it’s got some sort of Linux operating system, an 8.9-inch screen, an Intel Atom 270 chip, 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, and it weighs 2.4 pounds. So basically, it’s the same as just about every other netbook ever released to date. Except there’s only 30 of them, which will presumably create a sky-high demand for the machine due to the limited supply, right?

This feels like the time I met a couple friends at some ridiculous new bar in downtown Minneapolis and the bouncer made me stand in a “line” consisting of nobody but me for ten minutes. Hey Guy, there’s nobody waiting to get into your bar and your bar is in Minneapolis. Let me in so I can buy a $10 beer, yell at my friends, and leave.