Review: Kensington Portable Power Outlet


Quick Version: This handy, compact, five-in-one power doodad from Kensington turns one outlet into three plug-ins and two USB charging ports for $24.99.


Overview and Features

  • 17-inch wraparound cord
  • Surge protection with status LED
  • Three grounded outlets and two 5VDC 0.5A (max) USB ports
  • Two-year warranty
  • $24.95 MSRP

It’s good for…

…frequent travelers. There are never enough outlets in any one particular corner of a hotel room. This thing will alleviate the need to leave your cell phone or iPod plugged in right next to the sink. Airports, too, are the hallmarks of outlet shortages. You might even make some new friends once people realize that you’ve got holes to spare.

Not so good for…

…people who see this and think it’s dumb. If that’s the case, then you clearly don’t have an overabundance of devices that you carry with you at all times. That’s actually pretty normal for most people. If you found by accident, feel free to stick around. We can always use more readers.


If your purchasing decision is based upon what I have to say about a device that either works or doesn’t work (it works!) then I wholeheartedly applaud your devotion to the fine art of thoroughly researching each and every gadget you buy.

A simple test would be to ask yourself the following two questions:

1. Do I sometimes find that I need to plug up to three medium or large devices and up to two small USB-powered devices into an outlet at one time and, if so, do I sometimes find that there’s only one available outlet?

2. Do I have $25 to spend on a solution to the aforementioned problem?

If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ll love the Kensington Portable Power Outlet. If you answered yes to only one of the questions, then I’m sorry to have to inform you that more research is in order. Those who answered no to both questions have my gratitude and admiration for making it all the way to the end of this review.

Portable Power Outlet [Kensington]