Google's voice search app coming on Monday, all Apple's fault

When Google ran their big push about their new voice search application for iPhone, the plan was that it would go live Friday and all would be well. TC has word that the app his hitting tomorrow and that Apple inexplicably refused to push the app on Friday. It was, it seems, “in review.”

This is, as they say in the business, absolutel bullshit. While I agree that the iPhone ecosystem must be protected from varmints lest it end up like Windows Mobile – a slatternly tart that HTC and Sony-Ericsson are now forced to gussy up just to take out into the public – I can’t believe that Google couldn’t make a few calls to get this launched when they said it would launch. Is this a power play? A mix-up? A case of bad shellfish eaten by Steve which pulled him away from his desk from 4pm to 4:40 and so did not allow the lackey who carries the key to the golden “Launch to iPhone” button to reach the Pixar King in time? Perhaps we’ll never know.